Responsibility for the environment

0_23000_5920bdd2_XLThe main and binding criterion for decision-making in the activities of industrial enterprises in urban areas is the environment impact reporting, which takes into account many impact dimensions and directions, including the social ones and the preference is usually given to the options that have the least impact on the surrounding environment.

Sillamae city gives a real example of a reasonable and mutually beneficial interaction between the industry and quality urban setting created by means of new technologies. Specialists of city government and refineries are positive about the possibility of building such a refinery in Sillamae, considering it beneficial to the city to design a new modern factory based on the latest technological developments and equipment, its convenient location. They are willing to cooperate with technologists of the future refinery to improve technologies.

Automatic stations for continuous monitoring of weather conditions and the  atmospheric air in the refinerys territory, as well as in the residential area of Sillamae will be built. This will allow timely reacting to changes in air quality and eliminating negative effects on the environment. These automatic stations are built in keeping with the system of environmental management, and occupational safety and health management system.

1337319332_0Every year, the report is prepared based on monitoring results and reviewed at the general meeting by representatives of organizations and enterprises participating in the monitoring. Free public access is provided to any documents of this multipage report, but in addition, every year a summary of the monitoring results is produced for residents of the city.

0127907In case of complaints or phone calls from residents about air quality to the city government, the official from the environmental department will contact representatives of the involved enterprise and investigate the potential problem and its resolving by the company.

In case of higher levels of risk to the environment, there are crisis committees who or the enterprise will make such notifications for city residents. This is a precautionary measure, used in rare cases, because according to the city government, there have been annually less than 10 phone calls on environmental issues in recent years.