Driver Filling Fuel Tank“The Jukonoil refinery” will produce a wide range of petroleum products. The products of the company include more than 100 titles, but the volume of production is planned as follows:

– Diesel fuel EURO-5
– Aviation fuel JET-A1
– Bunker fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 0.1%
– Gasoline  EURO-5
– Lubricating oils
– Building materials
– Granulated sulfur
– Household chemicals

The estimated amount of production is about 3 million tons per year. Sales will take place in the Baltic countries (including Estonia) as well as in other countries.

The favorable geographical position of the refinery, the proximity of oil and product pipelines, extensive rail- and motorways network make our products available to customers in the Baltic States, CIS countries, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.