A refinery Jukonoil

A refinery is an industrial enterprise, whose main function is the processing of crude oil into such products as gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, bitumen, petroleum coke, raw materials for the petrochemical industry.

Every refinery begins with the separation of crude oil into different fractions by distillation. The fractions are further treated to convert them into mixtures of more useful saleable products by various methods such as cracking, reforming, alkylation, polymerisation and isomerisation. These mixtures of new compounds are then separated using methods such as fractionation and solvent extraction. Impurities are removed by various methods, e.g. dehydration, desalting, sulphur removal and hydrotreating.

The main activity of Jukonoil includes:

– Export and import of petroleum products and hydrocarbons.
– Processing of crude oil and other raw materials.
– Production of heat and electricity at the power stations that belong to the refinery for its own purposes and other consumers.

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