Our company

Jukonoil Ltd, company code (12448125), was founded and registered in Estonia, April 3, 2013. The main office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company also has an office in Moscow. The goal of the company is to establish enterprises for the processing of crude oil and other hydrocarbons using the latest technology and equipment, ensuring all the fulfilment of environmental requirements during its construction and operation.

zavod3Jukonoil intends to build an oil refinery in the port area of Sillamae (Silport). The area of production will be 60 hectares. Silport is the closest EU port to Russia. The port is located in Estonia, just 25 km from the border between the EU and Russia. The latter creates all the necessary conditions for its effective use as a distribution centre for cargo handling and a wide variety of products transported to Europe, USA, Russia, the Common Economic Space (CES) and other CIS countries, Southeast Asia and all other countries of the world.

The EU´s easternmost deep-water port that can accept the largest vessels entering the Baltic Sea through the Danish straits. Free customs zone (FCZ) of Sillamae (0% taxes and duties) together with the liberal fiscal policy of Estonia create the best business environment not only for the international distribution of goods, but also for the production of goods within the same FCZ territory of the Silport. Good trust relationship between the Sillamae city government and industrial enterprises located within the city contribute to the development of benevolent and positive relationship between the industry and city residents.

A refinery is an industrial enterprise, whose main function is the processing of crude oil into such products as gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, bitumen, petroleum coke, raw materials for the petrochemical industry. Every refinery begins with the separation of crude oil into different fractions by distillation. The fractions are further treated to convert them into mixtures of more useful saleable products by various methods such as cracking, reforming, alkylation, polymerisation and isomerisation. These mixtures of new compounds are then separated using methods such as fractionation and solvent extraction. Impurities are removed by various methods, e.g. dehydration, desalting, sulphur removal and hydrotreating.

The main activity of Jukonoil includes:

– Export and import of petroleum products and hydrocarbons.
– Processing of crude oil and other raw materials.
– Production of heat and electricity at the power stations that belong to the refinery for its own purposes and other consumers.

The goal of any business is to provide a stable financial position and profit maximization. In the current economic conditions, it is possible only through the issuance of marketable products that correspond to quality requirements of the global market. The basis of the goal is the use of advanced technology and equipment to ensure the fulfilment of all environmental requirements for high quality products and minimize operational costs of the refinery. The estimated amount of production is 3 million tons per year.

The constant development of large-scale production aimed at building the most modern production facilities, recruiting highly qualified and motivated staff, using modern management software for technological and business processes of organizations allows Jukonoil not only to get a leading position among European refineries, but also to strengthen its authority in the world market. Sales will take place in the Baltic countries (including Estonia) as well as in other countries.

Certificates of a quality management system, the international standard of environmental management and occupational safety and health management system testifies of the company’s ability to develop the production of top quality products that have a minimal adverse impact on the environment and to create a safe working environment for staff. We invite you to an extensive and effective cooperation.